Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard


Apple’s sixth major upgrade to Mac OS X since the desktop operating system debuted in 2001, Leopard, will go on sale on 26th Oct for USD129. With more than 300 new features offered in Leopard, it is a temptation that existing MAC users find it hard to resist.

Apple's Leopard

Get a closer look at the 8 most important (visible) features:-

1. New Desktop – The new desktop has a semitransparent menu bar and a reflective 3D Dock that perfectly frame your desktop picture. On the Dock, you will find a new feature, “Stacks“, that help you to organize your desktop neatly. One click and the stack springs open, revealing items in an elegant arc or an at-a-glance grid. It works with folders and downloads.


2. New Finder – Browse your files using Cover Flow view which is similar to flipping through your album in iTunes. Cover Flow displays the first page of every document and when it is on movie, you can preview the movie. Same applies to music file.

3. Quick Look – Using Quick Look, you can view the content of the file without even opening it.

4. Time Machine – Automatic back up to local hard drive or network server.

5. Boot Camp – Boot Camp is now included in Leopard, letting you run Windows XP or Vista on MAC.

6. Parental Controls – Sorry kids.. parents gotta make sure that you have a safe and happy experience on a computer. :D

7. Safari – According to Steve, Safari loads and draws pages up to 3 times faster than Firefox 2 and up to 5.5 times faster than Opera 9.

8. Dashboard – Leopard’s new widget, Web Clip lets user to create a section of any webpage into a “live” dashboard widget. When the page of origin is updated, so is the widget.