Eye-Fi – Wifi your Digital Camera

Eye-Fi is a SD memory card which adds Wifi to your digital camera and allows you to upload pictures directly to your computer or to your favorite photo sharing, printing, blogging or social networking site (i.e. Flickr, Facebook, Snapfish and more). Yes, get it all done without CABLES!

According to Gizmodo


…The Eye-Fi works flawlessly. Setup takes roughly five minutes (you program the card through your computer and bundled card reader). From there, you simply snap pics in the range of your router, and chances are, by the time you go back to your computer, the pictures will be viewable. If your router dies, you turn off your camera, or even if you take out the card and put it back in, the photos will upload when you get things sorted out again. It’s actually a normal 2GB memory card underneath all of the other functionality and can work as such.

If you are willing to pay USD 100 for a 2GB Eye-Fi Card, then it is something worth adding into your wishlist for the coming Christmas!