It’s a Mouse. And it’s name is Magic.


Aha and Oho! My Magic Mouse arrived a couple of hours ago via DHL express. Fantastic. I’d debated long and hard over adopting the mouse, having lost faith in Apple’s wireless mice due to having TWO of these faulty creatures.

However, as with all things Apple, the Magic Mouse’s sleek shape and contemporary design was simply just too hard to resist. And there now it sits on my table, ergonomically shaped: handsome. Turn it over to reveal Apple’s famous stainless steel aluminum coat base.

Perhaps one of the best things about the Magic Mouse is it’s slim approach to hand support: short and low, making it feel decidedly more comfortable compared to Logitech’s arch-backed gaming mice. Another much improved feature of the Magic Mouse is its back metal plate covering the batteries that slides on and off easily enough but clicks firmly back into position with just a slight push. Perfect, compared to the Mighty Mouse which drove me up the wall every time I changed its batteries.


Top & Base Profiles

The only set back is that you’ll have to get used to it, considering its rather awkward narrow profile. The trick is to “palm” the mouse, rather than resting your hand on it, and there you go! All in all, I’d have to agree that the Magic Mouse is undoubtedly Apple’s best mouse to date, both in terms of design and functionality. It’s multitouch controls correspond closely with the ones you might already be used to from a multi-touch enabled MacBook: drag one finger around on the surface without clicking to scroll in any direction, hold down control and drag to zoom in, or use two-fingered swipes to the right or left to navigate forward and back.

In Conclusion:


  • Absolutely handsome. Apple fans will love it.
  • Very affordable.
  • Ease of use: sleek, extremely smooth scrolling, and adds interactivity to web browsers and media.
  • Intuitive one-fingered scrolling
  • MUCH less annoying than the Mighty Mouse.


  • Would need some time getting used to due to its narrow shape
  • Side-to-side swiping: IMPOSSIBLE
  • Horizontal swiping: Arrrr…. I’d say thumb buttons were a lot easier to maneuver

The bottom line:

Love its sleek design with multitouch controls. Is a definite improvement from its ancestors, though I’d frankly, expected something better from Apple, considering its killer macs, stunning iPhone and powerful OS. However, I’m not one to pass on Apple’s new Magic Mouse, since I’m in desperate need of a new mouse before considering smashing the Mighty Mouse against the wall. Grrrr!


Group Shot: The Magic Mouse & Its Ancestors