OpenOffice releases version 3.2


OpenOffice releases its latest version 3.2 on Feb 11, 2010 with improvements on start-up speed and compatibility issues with other office software programs as well  as addressing some bugs reported in the previous version.

All existing users are advised to upgrade to the latest version due to potential security vulnerability that may exist in the version 3.1.1 and before.

Ever since version 3.0 was released in October 2008, OpenOffice was downloaded more than 100,000,000 times and it has proved to be the excellent choice for suitable for Budget-minded small business owners.

For those who have not heard of OpenOffice, here is a short intro from Mr. Wiki (OO.o or OOo), commonly known as OpenOffice, is an open source software application suite available for a number of different computer operating systems. It is distributed as free software and written using its own GUI toolkit. It supports the ISO/IEC standard OpenDocument Format (ODF) for data interchange as its default file format, as well as Microsoft Office formats among others.

In a less-complicated explanation, it is open-source version of Microsoft Office.  :P

Though it is not as powerful as Microsoft Office, sometimes, a “simpler + FREE” version seems to be an easier choice.

What do you think?

Download it and try it today!