Sanyo Eneloop – 21st Century Rechargeable Battery


Recently, I bought a pack of 2 AA Eneloop rechargeable batteries to power my wireless mouse. As any wireless optical mouse user knows, batteries don’t last too long in mice — 3 months if you’re a lightweight, 1 1/2 months if you spend a lot of time on your computer. Therefore, buying a rechargeable battery seems to be a good investment as it has the advantage of being more cost-efficient over the long term.

So, what I like about Eneloop?

  1. Immediate Use
    You can use it right after you unwrap the batteries.
  2. Low self discharge
    Once charges, eneloop will lose only about 15% of their charge after a year of non-use.Eneloop
  3. Can be charged 10 100 1000 times!
    The retail price for a pack of 2 AA alkaline batteries and a pack of 2 AA Eneloop rechargeable batteries is RM 6 and RM 38 respectively. So, assuming that the Eneloop batteries can last only a quarter of whatSanyo claims (250 times) , I save RM 1462 (RM 6 x 250 – RM 38). :DOh! Another important equation:
    Rechargeable battery = Environment Friendly
  4. The cool packaging

    Eneloop Packaging

You can read more about Eneloop here.